Deanna Ray – Local Music Review

As a mama to three Tinies age four and under, it isn’t too often that I take time for a Girls Night… so when I do have time to take in the Kansas City culture I love to support local businesses, artists and musicians. A while back, a friend and I took a chance on something new and visited the Historic Liberty Square to peruse quaint shops, sip good coffee and check out some local musicians. We caught a bit from a couple of artists, but the real standout for me was Deanna Ray

As my friend and I entered Hammerhand Coffee, we noted Deanna’s melodic tones immediately. Her vocals are smooth and unhurried, and her style is surprisingly refined for such a young artist.  She reminds one of the jazz greats from long ago – a surprisingly fresh and unique voice in a sea of same. Her covers were true to her own style, and her original songs drew us in to each story and kept us interested. 

If you have the chance to hear this up-and-comer from Kansas City, take it! 

Find her at her websiteFacebook or YouTube – you won’t be sorry!

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