Hi there. I’m Mama.

…but to most I go by Merry.

First and foremost, I’m a sinner saved and forever follower of Jesus.  He has wrecked me for any other, and I will never be the same.  He knows my heart, my future and my past… and loves me anyway.  I will worship Him all the days of my life and for eternity after.


I am a wife to Jamie and Mama to our four Tinies – one with Jesus already and three-under-four here with us.  I am also a writer and photographer.  I love to document both the extraordinary and the everyday…through the written word and images alike.


This season is filled with all kinds of crazy.  Our Tinies are a constant source of joy, delight, laughter and tears, and while I know Who holds our future and present… I sometimes find myself grasping for the eternal while drowning in the ordinary.  Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes it’s hard to remember your calling when you are covered in baby vom.

Or when you are vacuuming the same rug for the eleventieth time.

Or when you pat yourself on the back for unloading the dishwasher in five minutes flat…only to realize the load had not been run yet.

Or when you legit just lost your cool because seriously WHERE ARE ALL THE SIPPY CUPS?


This is our life.  There is love and joy here.  There are mistakes and sadness, too.  But should oceans rise and mountains fall, He never fails.*

Consider this fair warning: this journey won’t be for the faint-hearted.  It will require transparency.  It will require  authenticity.  We are going to be those things together.  We will definitely laugh, but we all might ugly cry, too.  I can pretty much guarantee it.

Still with me?

Welcome to the Mayhem.



*Borrowed from “Take heart” by Hillsong United.

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